So Mija,Yes You Can, is a women’s nonprofit organization. It was created on March 8th of last year. So we’re one year old and we are an organization that was created to inspire and help women of all ages, all ethnicities and the El Paso community and outside of the El Paso community to really engage them in whatever their dreams are, whatever they’reĀ 

aspirations are and provide those resources scholarships and that support to push them to whatever it is their dream is. So the way that we collect funds for our nonprofit organization, is everything that you actually see right here? Our Mija,Yes You Can, store which is at the Outlets and all of our proceeds from our shirts, our stickers, our masks.

That we sell, goes to funding our scholarships. We also partner up with other organizations in the community and we do fundraising events that will help us to fund all of the resources workshops that we’re wanting to do. And also we partner up with other individuals that like to do donations. So anybody who’s interested in

doing a donation to the organization. We also use that to help fund all of our scholarships and resources in the community. So currently, because we are still very new, we don’t have any particular scholarship that we’ve been able to fund. But what I can say is thatĀ  we are in line to hopefully be able to fund scholarships, to send women to camps.

Maybe it may be a STEM camp or maybe an art camp. That’s what our goal is. Our short-term goal is right now is to start being able to provide stipends to women who may need professional clothing too, for an interview. That’s really where our scholarships and everything is headed in our short-term goals right now.

What Mija, yes, you can is doing with the partnership with UTEP. UTEP, just had their current, E-Week, their Engineering week. And they had a engineering girls in engineering day. And so we were able to partner up with them and be a sponsor with them too encourage women of again, from middle school, high school, even in college to encourage them to get involved in the engineering major at UTEP.

So we’re really excited to be able to start playing that part and be able to, again, be a sponsor with during this E-Week. As Crystal mentioned, we have a sponsorship with UTEP. For their E-Week and I think what we’re doing is fomenting those routes that society has continued doing, of raising the voices of women in STEM.

And I think through partnerships, collaborations, some sponsorships were able to support that movement and provide resources for women out there and raise awareness about this. I can tell you I’m like one of very few females in the industry, like right now, I work with a team of all men, mostly older men and there’s maybe one or two other women on the team.

So it’s kind of hard to have that type of female relationship at work. So it’s great to have. That support system and those friendships with the Mija, Yes You can, organization. And to be able to push and support other women and girls to get into that area, we have a lot to bring to the table, in the technical world and along with a lot of other industries. If you want to be part of

Mija,Yes you can, we are always accepting volunteers. So whether you’re in high school or looking for that, you know, the opportunity to volunteer any women of any age can, can really just approach us, send us an email or connect with us of our social media. They are welcome to join our committees. We have a full board of 20 women, and they’re always looking for individuals who want to get involved.

If they’re interested in doing a fundraising event or workshop event, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to collaborate.

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